What is a ZipKeder? What are its advantages over the traditional Keder system?

08 Oct, 2020

Traditional keder - Less flexible, difficult to insert particularly in long or curved guides, higher friction in the rail reducing the product's life span.

ZipKeder by Paskal – Superior level of flexibility compared with traditional keder, runs more smoothly with less friction inside the guide and better handles angles and curves. 


The Zip Keder is made of injected Polyacetal beads or bullets in various sizes and distances, on a continues standard or PVC weldable tape.


The core elements of the ZipKeder (the injected "Bullets and Beads") allow for the ZipKeder to easily slide into the track while the ZipKeder tape allows for greater flexibility and a longer life cycle.

Advantages of the ZipKeder over traditional keder:

  • Superior level of flexibility
  • Slides more easily with less friction inside the guide – extending the life span of the system
  • Better handling of angles and curves
  • Can be very easily rolled – Requires much less storage space


Areas of Applications

Tents, Awnings, rolling shutters, Banners, tracks' side curtains and any application where fabric and frame need to be connected

(The ZipKeder's tape can be stitched or welded onto one side of the fabric while the "bids or bullets" slide in the rail)

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