Heavy Industry Zippers

Paskal Zippers & Fasteners a world-leader in the design, development and manufacturing of high quality and innovative fastening solutions. Paskal Zippers provides: zippers for heavy industry,tents zippers, air conditioning zippers, tunnel ventilation ducting, Marquee tents zippers, Inflatable structures zippers, military tents zippers, field hospitals zippers, modular structures, upholstery and mattresses zippers, Athletic field and football pitch covers, tunnel linings, dry storage, gas protection covers, clean room barrier entrances, window screens, window shutters and blinds, Industrial high speed sliding doors. 


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Products Applications
Molded standard 8, 10mm + Splash proof "GLOCK" & PU coated "SLOCK" zippers. Tents, Air conditioning & tunnel ventilation ducting
Molded 15 & 20mm zippers. Marquee tents, Inflatable structures, Military tents and field hospitals, Modular structures
Spiral / coil 3, 5 & 7mm zippers, 5mm molded + splash proof "GLOCK" and PU coated "SLOCK" zippers. Upholstery and mattresses
RAZKAL 20 & 39 PVC zippers Athletic field and football pitch covers, Modular structures, Tunnel linings, Dry storage, Gas protection covers, Clean room barrier entrances
Screen zip Window screens, Window shutters and blinds
ZipKeder Air conditioning ventilation ducting, Marquee and party tents, Awnings
High speed door zippers Industrial high speed sliding doors